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How to get your puppy to sleep at night

By Team Walmart Pets

April 21, 2021


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Once your excitement subsides, you can count on your new puppy to interrupt your sleep. Between their whining and bathroom breaks, training your puppy to sleep is not easy. But, if you follow these tips, you just might get your puppy to sleep while keeping your sanity intact. 

The first week with your puppy

The first week is never easy. Your puppy might be especially lonely if they were still with their mom before coming home with you. And though it will be very tempting, it’s best to not let your pup sleep in bed with you, especially at first. To make things easier on yourself, try crate training them. There are a variety of crates to choose from.

Crate training dos and don’ts

Get a washable bed, a washable blanket and some puppy chew toys. Comfort and access to toys can help fight any boredom or stress your pup might experience. And you’ll be glad their bedding is washable. If you live in warmer climates, consider getting a crate cooling pad.

Find the perfect spot. Bringing the crate into your bedroom, at least at first, can help your pup relax. Being close to their new human will make them feel a little more comfortable. 

Develop a good exercise regimen. It helps if your pup is nice and tired before you put him into the crate for the night. So make sure you play some fetch, fight over a game of tug-of-war or simply take out your leash and go on a long evening walk before bed.

Help them relax. If your pup seems anxious in their crate, keep calming spray nearby, which can keep them comfortable with synthetic dog pheromones. You could also try a hot water bottle as cuddling with something warm and soft reminds them of mom. Aw!

Be patient…and get earplugs! You should always make sure your puppy has gone to the bathroom and has their puppy chew toys before getting into their crate. There will be whining the first few nights, but you have to leave them in the crate to let them cry it out. It’ll be tough, but down the road, you’ll be glad you did. If your pup does fall asleep but cries in the middle of the night, that’s to let you know they need to go outside. Don’t ignore that one!

Remember, the first few nights will set up your pup for the rest of their life. So make sure you’re developing good bedtime habits. Once your pup is happily sleeping through the night without having any accidents, you can give them some more freedom!

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