Cat insurance

Save up to 90% on vet bills when your cat gets sick or hurt with Walmart Pet Insurance, powered by Petplan.

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A middle aged woman playing with her cat on the kitchen counter


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$25 Walmart
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How cat insurance works

1. Visit any licensed vet

Take your sick or injured cat anywhere, including emergency clinics and specialists.

2. Submit a claim

After your cat gets treatment, take a picture of your paid vet bill to easily submit a claim.

3. Get reimbursed

Once your claim is approved, get paid back up to 90% of your vet bill.

Your cat, your price, your savings

Every policy comes with up to 10% in exclusive savings, and your price is based on factors including age and breed. For example, kittens usually cost less to insure than older cats.

Plans average around $25/month for cats.

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$25 Walmart
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More coverage for your cat in one simple plan

Injuries & illnesses

Diagnostic tests

Veterinary exam fees

Virtual vet visits


Imaging & ultrasound

Cancer treatment

Surgery & rehabilitation


Emergency & specialist vets

Behavioral therapy

Chiropractic care

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How pet insurance helps cats and their parents

Winston (Maine Coon)
& his dad

Winston was saved from inflammatory bowel disease, and his dad saved $2,340.

Winston's vet bill

Vet bill


Sam paid


Pet insurance paid


Cinnamon (Persian)
& his parents

Cinnamon was saved from a kidney disorder, and his parents saved $1,000.

Cinnamon's vet bill

Vet Bill


John & David paid


Pet insurance paid


A little girl sitting on the couch holding a large cat.

Why your best friend needs protection

Cat insurance helps you to protect all nine lives. And while our feline companions may be more graceful than their canine counterparts, they are still at risk of getting sick or hurt—even if they live indoors.

One low monthly payment saves you up to 90% on vet bills.

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Keep your cat protected & save big

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