What is pet insurance?

Walmart Pet Insurance, powered by Petplan, is healthcare that pays you back up to 90% of vet bills if your dog or cat gets sick or hurt. It lets you get the best vet care available without worrying about the cost.

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How pet insurance works

1. Visit any licensed vet

Unlike human healthcare, there are no networks. You can take your pet to any licensed vet in the U.S. or Canada, including emergency clinics and specialists.

2. Submit a claim

After your pet has been treated and you’ve paid your vet bill, you can submit a claim on your computer or in our app. Just snap a few pics of your paid invoice and answer a few questions, and your claim will be assigned to a licenced claims adjuster within 24 business hours.

3. Get reimbursed

Claims agents will review your claim and let you know if they need any additional information. Most claims are processed within 15 days and once approved, your payment will be processed the next business day. Don’t forget to enroll in direct deposit to get paid back even faster.

FAQs about pet insurance

Get the most out of your policy

What does my policy cover?

A lot. The complete sick visit, exam fees, prescription medication, every adult tooth, holistic therapies, chronic as well as breed-specific conditions, rehab and much more.

What doesn’t my policy cover?

Like other pet insurance providers, pre-existing conditions are not covered. Planned vet visits such as annual check-ups, teeth cleanings, spaying, neutering or vaccinations are also not covered.

What’s a pre-existing condition?

It’s insurance jargon for any injury or illness that your pet had before signing up for insurance or that occurred during the coverage waiting period. You won’t get paid back for any current or future vet bills related to that condition, and neither will other pet insurance providers. That’s why it is so important you pick the right provider from day one.

What are waiting periods?

The time you have to wait before your coverage starts. It’s 15 days at the most but varies from state to state. For knees and hips, it can be up to six months. Be sure to check your policy to find out when your coverage starts and how a healthy check-up could waive the waiting periods for knees.

Do I need to see a vet?

If you sign up and your pet hasn’t had a checkup recently, you need to see a vet ASAP to establish your pet’s health. Establishing your pet’s health at the time of enrollment helps to ensure that future injuries and illnesses are not considered pre-existing conditions. Annual checkups are also important, as they help prevent future claims from being denied.

How do claims work?

When you’re ready to submit a claim, a seamless digital claims process makes it easy to get your money back fast. You can get real-time updates and track your claim status in the app or by logging into your account. Once approved, your deductible and reimbursement rate will be applied and your payment will be processed the next business day.

What if my pet is healthy?

If you don’t file a claim in 12 months, you’ll earn a 15% Healthy Pet Credit. It’ll be applied to your payments for the next calendar year. If you go another 12 months, it’s 30%.

Understanding pet
insurance pricing

One simple plan covers up to 90% of vet bills if your pet is sick or hurt. Pricing is based on things including your pet’s breed, age and how much vet care costs in your area. What you pay is customizable based on your reimbursement rate, deductible and annual payout. This means you get the coverage you need at a price that works for you.

Reimbursement rate: What percentage of your claim
that you’ll be paid back.

Annual deductible: The fixed dollar amount you're
responsible for before insurance kicks in.

Maximum annual payout: The maximum dollar
amount you can be paid back each year.

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