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Your new puppy checklist – 4 things to do in the first 48 hours

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July 8, 2021


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Bringing home a new puppy is a time of great excitement! And the first 48 hours are crucial to acclimating your pup to your life. So plan accordingly! Think about it: pups may have just left their mom and siblings and will likely be stressed and perhaps feeling a little bit lonely as well. They may have an upset stomach from switching food brands or from their ride in the car. 

Block off a couple of days so that you can start getting your puppy onto a schedule as efficiently as possible, and try these four things to keep them comfortable and safe in their new home.

Leash training tips for puppies

We know that bringing home a pup is exciting, and all of your friends are sure to want to come and meet the new addition to your family. But curb the urge to have a puppy party too soon. Give your pup at least a few days and have a visit with their vet to make sure that their health is OK for visitors before introducing them to two- and four-legged friends! 

When it is time to meet friends and neighbors, make sure you have a sturdy leash at the ready and make sure you’ve started to do some leash training. When it comes time to meet other dogs, all dogs should be on a leash, including your new best friend.

Puppy potty training tips

Grab a notebook and markdown when you’ve fed your pup, when you’ve taken them outside (and if he’s gone to the bathroom or not) and write down if they’ve had any accidents in the house. And make sure you’re prepared to clean up any accidents. This will help you figure out their patterns so you can develop a good schedule, which will make housebreaking easier.

Sink their teeth in some toys

Puppies explore the world with their mouths…and nothing you can do will stop that! You can do your best to stop them from chewing everything, and to do that, it’s best to have a few chew toys around. That way, when they do have the urge to chew, they have the proper outlet to do so! Some of our favorite puppy teething toys are KONG for Puppies and Orbee-Tuff toys.

Use caution when exercising

A tired pup is a good pup…but exercise safely! Especially if you have a large or giant breed puppy who has a lot of growing to do. To avoid risking injury to sensitive growing muscles, bones and joints, exercise your pup on soft surfaces like grass, sand or carpet. And keep them from engaging in high-impact exercises like jumping, running and bouncing around on hard surfaces like concrete or tile floors.

For ultimate peace of mind, get your puppy a pet insurance policy from Walmart Pet Insurance, which can pay you back up to 90% of vet bills when your pet gets sick or hurt.

Before the first night with your puppy...

Check out our tips on crate training your pup! It’ll help you both get some well-deserved sleep at night. And if you have any more questions or puppy concerns, you can find an expert trainer who can help you work through any of the basic puppy problems by looking at CCPDT.org.


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