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How to stop your puppy from chewing everything

By Team Walmart Pets

April 21, 2021


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What do your shoes, furniture and phone have in common? Your pup wants to chew them!

Your pup and their chewing habits

Chewing is perfectly natural as puppies explore with their mouths. It helps them relieve stress, release excess energy and alleviate boredom. Teething puppies chew more than adult dogs, and their teething stage lasts from week 12 to week 24.

Some breeds are more “mouthy” like Retrievers, Border Collies and Cattle Dogs, as well as mixes like Labradors, Goldendoodles and Poodles. 

How to cut back your pup’s chewing

It can be tough and sometimes painful to live with your pup during their chewing phase. However, your focus shouldn’t be stopping this behavior, but making your puppy chew toy-obsessed! 

If your pup grabs a shoe, replace it with some dog chew toys or a Kong chew toy. If your pup starts to gnaw on your phone charger, replace it with a braided rope chew toy. Consider hiding your phone chargers until your dog is better behaved. You don’t want them to have an accident.

By helping your pup make better decisions with their mouths, they’ll start chewing on appropriate items on their own.

Best chew toys for puppies

Stick to Kong-type toys that are soft rubber. When in doubt, follow the Shin Rule. If the toy hurts when it hits your shin, then it’s too hard for your pup. 

Edible chew toys are not recommended for dogs. Things like bully sticks, pig ears, cow hooves and rawhides are not only high in calories, they can damage teeth, cause a blockage in the stomach and intestines or be contaminated by bacteria such as Salmonella.

Also, rawhides made overseas are not subject to the same federal regulations that domestically-made rawhides are. Some of them contain dangerous chemicals and preservatives, which can be lethal to your dog.

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