Dog sprayed by skunk getting a bath

What to do if your dog gets sprayed by a skunk

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May 27, 2021


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For those of us that have had the misfortune to have our pet “skunked,” you’ll know that getting rid of that skunk smell on your dog isn’t so easy. And when your dog does get skunked, your poor pup is often relegated to isolation, until he’s easier on your nose!

Of the countless “sure-fire” skunk odor-removers out there, this homemade solution has always been reliable.

How to de-skunk your dog

You’ll need the following items:


Mix the ingredients together in a bowl and massage the bubbling solution into the sprayed areas. DO NOT allow the solution to get into the eyes. (You can cover your pet’s eyes with a washcloth while you apply and rinse out the solution.) Allow to sit for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Severely affected areas may require a second treatment. It’s also recommended to wash your dog with a conditioning shampoo made for pets afterwards — the peroxide and detergent can dry out their skin and cause irritation. 

IMPORTANT: NEVER store this mixture. Pour any remaining mixture down the drain with the water running. If stored airtight, pressure can build up and make it explode. 

Additionally, make sure you thoroughly examine your pet for any wounds. Skunks occasionally bite, and they might have rabies.

If your pet’s eyes are red, it’s possible they were sprayed directly in the eyes. This is painful for them, not harmful long-term. You should still immediately go to the vet if either of these situations occur.

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Photo by Benjamin Tehman on Unsplash