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Car safety for pets

By Team Walmart Pets

April 21, 2021


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You’d never take a road trip or even just drive down the street without buckling your child’s seat belt or car seat. So why is it so common to see pets roaming around people’s cars?

The risks of driving with your unrestrained pet

From the dog with his head out the back window to little dogs sitting on their parent’s lap, unrestrained dogs are in danger of being seriously injured.

In a car accident, unrestrained pets turn into projectiles, capable of propelling through a windshield and/or causing significant injury to you and your other passengers. Unrestrained pets can also distract drivers or get in the way of their feet when the car is in motion. 

With several states considering or having already passed pet restraint laws, the issue of loose pets in vehicles is not just an ethical issue, it’s a legal one. Many states dole out hefty fines for unrestrained pets, and in Hawaii, pets are banned from their parent’s laps altogether. 

Sometimes having your pet in the car is unavoidable, like on trips to the vet or kennel. So what’s a dog or cat chauffeur to do?

How to keep your pet safe in the car

The answer is simple: protect your pet passengers the same way that you do your human riders. Buckle them up! You can use mobile pet beds, Sleepypods and many others. 

Sleepypod has gone as far as conducting its own crash tests. Sleepypod products have earned a top-rated Safety Certification from the Center for Pet Safety. 

In addition to a traditional pet safety harness, the Clickit Sport, Sleepypod also manufactures a cleverly designed mobile pet bed. It doubles as a bed for your home, which encourages cats and dogs to associate it with comfort and safety, reducing their anxiety when they travel. 

You love your pets enough to take them with you on your trip, so make sure they can return home with you safely, too.

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