Little boy sitting on the floor next to a cat laying on a cat tree.

Best ways to keep your pets entertained at home

By Team Walmart Pets

April 21, 2021


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Whether you’re heading back to work or keeping your home office for the foreseeable future, it’s important to keep pets quiet, entertained and out of trouble while they’re at home.

For kittens and puppies, the right environment can help them develop into well-adjusted, better-behaved, happier adults. Pets in their golden years can benefit from a stimulating home life, helping them avoid cognitive decline and weight gain. And pets of all ages can benefit from being challenged regularly. Challenges can help prevent them from barking or chewing on things that they shouldn’t.

How to entertain your dog at home

Exercise your dog more

Mix up your walk routine to give them new sights and smells. Give them more room to run with a longer leash, or, if you have the time, play fetch with some dog toys at the park.

Rotate your dog’s toys

Just like kids, dogs can get tired of the same old toys. Reintroducing some forgotten toys or buying some new dog toys can help keep them stimulated.

Mix-up meal time

Try giving your dog a food puzzle or spread some peanut butter in a Kong snack toy. You can even hide dog treats around the house to create a scavenger hunt.

How to entertain your cat

Although most cats are accustomed to an indoor lifestyle, they appreciate new challenges just like dogs.

Play to their instincts

Cats love pouncing into used empty boxes or paper bags. And while many interactive cat toys are fun, sometimes all it takes is jiggling a shoelace or sprinkling kibble across the floor to stimulate your cat.

Try a food puzzle

Traditional food bowls don’t support cats' natural hunger tendencies. That’s why all cats can benefit from cat food puzzles.

Give them a new perch

A new perch for your cat can change their perspective which provides them with stimulation. Sometimes, turning on a fun nature documentary on your TV can work, too.

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